Mike Stevens | Mar 31, 2009

Words cannot describe the horror… but we’ll try. Geely - one of China’s larger carmakers - has bent over and pulled out the Geely GE, an achingly terrible yet plainly obvious copy of the Rolls Royce Phantom.

Presumably intended for the Chinese businessman not quite rich enough for the real deal – or any other foreign car worth a damn – the Geely GE does at least have one unique feature bound to appeal to the despots of the world: a throne-like centre-mounted rear seat.


There’s very little information to go with this news, though one Chinese website does report that the Geely GE offers “the very same feeling of luxury” when compared to the Rolls Royce Phantom upon which it’s based. Gawd help us.


What we do know is that the Geely GE is 5.3 metres long (500mm short of the RR Phantom) and rides on a 3.1 metre wheelbase.


Woolen carpet rests beneath your feet, just as it does with the Phantom, and a panoramic moonroof sits above your kingly throne.


When last we looked in on the Chinese auto industry, it seemed there was some potential for original and unique design, courtesy of the Jianghuai A00 concept. There still may be, but bleedin’ heck, Geely isn’t doing the team any favours.

[via Autoblog.nl]

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