Steane Klose | Oct 22, 2007

Kia is ‘going green’ with their 2009 European product line-up by producing an ‘eco’ version of their new cee’d. Based largely on the eco_cee’d concept car that Kia unveiled at the recent Frankfurt Motor Show the aim is to achieve better fuel consumption, with fewer emissions while offering an enjoyable driving experience.

The eco_cee’d concept combined a Euro5 compliant 1.6-litre CRDi diesel engine with a number of hybrid technologies and refined aerodynamics to reduce fuel consumption by 17 percent, (down to just 3.9 litres/100km), and lower CO2 emissions (just 104 g/km, down 8.4%).

"The rapid transfer of the green-performance eco_cee'd concept's features into production 'eco' versions of the cee'd, demonstrates Kia's vision for the way ahead to a greener future," said Jean-Charles Lievens, Senior Vice President Kia Motors Europe

The new eco_cee’d range will adopt the concept cars aerodynamic improvements. Extensive wind-tunnel testing resulted in Kia engineers lowering the concept's suspension, fitting under-floor coverings to the front, middle and rear of the vehicle, adopting wheel arch linings with 'spoiler' lips to smooth airflow around the wheels, and adding a low-drag front grille to improve air flow over the vehicle.


Engines for the new eco_cee’d models will all be Euro5 compliant and include features such as reduced turbo boost pressure (diesel models), enhanced fuel injection timing, modified residual gas rates and reductions in internal engine friction. All eco_cee’d models will feature six-speed gearboxes in place of the usual five-speed along with an ECU controlled dash-mounted shift light that will indicate the most efficient gear to be in and prompt up-shifts at the most efficient time.

In order to best take advantage of the aerodynamic and engine improvements, new 'eco' cee'd models will be fitted with Kia's new ISG (Idle Stop&Go) system which includes Smartbattery Power Management. ISG features regenerative braking, which automatically recharges the battery during deceleration, and switches the engine off when the car is stopped and the engine is at idle.

The new 'eco' cee'd product line-up will include all three regular cee'd body styles - five-door, three-door and wagon.


[Source: Kia]

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