Tony O'Kane | Mar 26, 2009

Hybrid sportscar start-up Fisker Automotive has enlisted some 32 US car dealerships to help it sell the radically-styled Karma hybrid sports sedan, which is slated to enter production by the end of this year.

Fisker aims to sell over 15,000 Karmas each year, with a great proportion of sales coming from the USA. The California-based company aims to have 40 dealerships on its side by the end of June, with all of them distributed across 16 states.

It's a postive sign for Fisker, who - given the current eco-conscious climate - may be in a prime position to capitalise on building demand for hybrid cars.

It's even better news for consumers too, for with its Tesla-beating pricing, four-door practicality, high-performance bent and charmingly handsome packaging, the Fisker Karma should provide plenty of guilt-free thrills - a quality that's sorely missing from today's line-up of production hybrids.

Now... all Fisker needs is something to fill those showrooms.

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