Tony O'Kane | Mar 26, 2009

Ever noticed the vacuum hose at your local car wash "giving you the eye"? Got a thing for corrugated plastic hosing?

For god's sake don't act upon your urges - it could land you in the slammer.

Jason L. Savage of Swan Creek, Michigan, discovered that painful fact earlier this week when he was sentenced to 90 days in prison after he was caught "engaging in a sex act with a vacuum hose" at a car wash near Detroit last October.

Savage has also been ordered to undergo drug testing. Considering his previous conviction for possession of marijuana, suggestions he was high as a kite as he attempted to fornicate with the cleaning appliance may have some foundation.

Savage also had several other prior convictions and was on parole at the time of the crime.

Let this be a lesson kids: if you've ever been busted for drug possession, home invasion AND fleeing a police officer, perhaps making love to a plastic tube in public isn't going to help your cause...

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