Mike Stevens | Mar 26, 2009

There’s a popular argument that even the ugliest, most unholy and fundamentally boring and plain cars can be made at least passably appealing by giving it not only the right set of rims, but the offset to really show them off.

What it can do, then, for already appealing cars is limited only by the owner’s imagination.

It might not be the most practical, efficient or cost-effective way to run a car, but ultra-low offset and – in the case of ultra-ultra-low offset – extremely negative camber is a popular means of visually enhancing the rides of the street scene.


And, excepting the most ridiculously extreme examples, I’m inclined to agree. It won’t get you far down a suburban road and tyre wear will be ridiculous, but it’ll win style points just about every time if done right.

There’s of course a lot more to it than offset and camber, with suspension, wheel width, tyre size, and guard clearance all playing as vital a role as the stars of this post.

You can go too far, but you’ll always have a fan.

Here’s a gallery of images for your perusing pleasure, and check out our previous Mod Squad post for a bevy of WRX STIs in a similar state of sexiness.


[photos sourced from forum.jdmstyletuning.com, registration required]

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