Bentley looking at Veyron W16 for motivation

Steane Klose | Oct 18, 2007

It’s pretty much an assumed fact that much of the world as we know it will shortly be underwater. It’s the price we are going to pay for our CO2 folly according to those in the know and to be honest has anyone ever heard of a failed US Presidential candidate ever being wrong?

In the meantime, a chap who we think has got it all going on is Bentleys Franz-Josef Paefgen. A recent report from Autocar suggests that Franz is concerned with an “inconvenient truth” in the Bentley range. His Arnage is under-powered compared to the Flying Spur.


The Flying Spur currently packs a bespoke 411Kw (552hp) from its W12 leaving the Bentley Arnage with a paltry 372Kw (500hp) from its 6.75-litre V8. Franz’s solution (and this is why we like him) is to drop the quad-turbo W16 Bugatti Veyron donk into the Arnage, a shock and awe tactic you might say. Bentley are able to access the Bugatti W16 as both manufacturers are owned by Volkswagen.

Bentley is believed to have a prototype Veyron powered Arnage in testing. The Veyron’s W16 would have to be detuned as a rear driver is unlikely to deal well with 1001hp but even de-tuned (a lot) it would be expected to easily rip the wings off the Flying Spur and pretty much anything else in the luxury four-door saloon department.

Will it make it though to production? We hope so. It may not be an environmentalist’s idea of a sensible vehicle but then with the exception of a push-bike what is?

We just hope Franz can get the W16 Arnage buttoned up, out the door and up to higher ground before the world is inundated.


[Source: Autocar]

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  • Stuart Burden says,
    8 years ago
    Myrtle Cottage
    16 Fore Street
    St Blazey
    Near Par
    PL24 2NJ
    6 11 2007

    Hey there,

    This is Stuart Burden. I am a follower of the Bentley marque. Sorry, but.. I cannot drive! I do like the idea of Bentley dropping the Bugatti engine into its brand-new Arnage Concept. I'd say.. Get with it, Bentley!! Build me this marvel in 2010 - when I have won the lottery, of course. Cheers, thanks very much for your time.

    All the best for now,
    Stuart Burden
  • Mark says,
    8 years ago
    At the end of the second paragraph in the article you mention a "Rolls Royce Flying Spur" being more powerful than the Arnage. It is actually a Bentley Flying Spur- or perhaps you meant Rolls Royce Phantom.