Mike Stevens | Mar 26, 2009

Despite GM’s best efforts to offload Saab and the Swedish carmaker doing its best just to keep its head above water, the two companies have agreed to cooperate on technology sharing in the future.

Saab has recently applied for bankruptcy protection after General Motors announced it would sell the Swedish brand, and the ailing American manufacturer would seem to be bumping along trying to avoid a similar fate.


Perhaps in an effort to hold back the tide, GM and Saab have announced they will continue to share technology beyond the date the two companies complete their separation.

"GM will remain a key partner for Saab during at least five to 10 years and where we, with a new owner, can access a lot of the technology we need," Saab Automobile's finance director Lars Hagerborg told financial daily Dagens Industri.

While Saab intends to keep its most advanced turbo, safety and cabriolet technology to itself, the Swedish company would be willing to share much of its knowledge and technology.

"We will exchange their technology for ours and offer some of our safety technology, skills for chassis trimming and engine technology," he said.

Hagerborg said the company’s reorganising process is still ongoing, with Saab laying off some 750 of its 4000-strong workforce in Sweden, 650 of which were blue-collar workers at the manufacturer’s Trollhattan plant.

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