Mike Stevens | Mar 25, 2009

Crazy times. Rifling through the ol’ TMR inbox this morning, and what do I see but “Fake Mark Webber is now following you on Twitter!” Fake Mark Webber, what in heck?

He’s no Fake Steve Jobs, but Fake Mark Webber (FMW) offers an amusing look at the world through the eyes of Aussie Formula 1 driver Mark Webber – if Mark Webber were a narcissistic clown, that is (I can’t report on that point one way or the other).

My own version of the new rules: Whoever drinks the most Fosters whilst still being able to complete a lap in reverse wins the Championship - 2:05 PM Mar 20th from Fake Mark Webber

Trulli....Give me a break! Don't even need identical cars, just give me a push bike.....on second thoughts, a car would be safer - 9:23 AM Mar 23rd from Fake Mark Webber

It’s difficult to figure out whether FMW is a genuine Webberite (did I just make that up?) or a detractor, but whichever it is, I’m following him.

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