Mike Stevens | Mar 25, 2009

If this concept is anything to go by, it looks like Chinese carmakers are starting to steer further away from the rip-off designs that typified many of their early efforts, and injecting some serious effort into their concepts.

The minicar concept above - titled simply A00 - is the product of the minds at China’s Jianghaui Automobile (JAC). A production version is expected to be unveiled at next month’s 2009 Shanghai Auto Show.


Perhaps a competitor to the little Kia No 3 hatch, A00 appears to feature rear-hinged ‘suicide’ style rear passenger doors, though whether that will make it to production - along with the low ride height and 18-inch rims - is anyone’s guess (our yuan says no).


Despite its sporty styling, the A00 is expected to be motivated by a 1.0 litre petrol engine and will sell, in China, for less than AU$10,000.

Pedantic sidenote: the more observant among you will notice the styling inconsistencies across these three illustrations, mainly in the character line running through the doors, the door handles, the shape of the roof and wheel arches, and the styling of the tail lights.

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