Mike Stevens | Mar 20, 2009

Guys like Tony and I have spent countless hours watching videos of illegal street drifting in Tokyo, or the hills surrounding Japan’s regional towns. The videos usually feature Skylines, Supras, RX-7s, all flying around empty corners at 3am, backed by crazy Japanese dance music.

But what happens when you’re a drifting enthusiast living in a country not so economically fortunate as Japan?

You roll your own.

This guy’s got the right idea: don’t look for a regular Chinese car with enough power and strength to withstand a life as a drift pig. No, find something with a light rear end and an engine you can probably eek a few extra killerwasps out of.

DIY drift trucks, that’s the name of the game in regional China. Structural fortifications made from scaffolding, and unsealed roads ideal for losing what little traction you might have had to begin with.

Now that this video is out, one wonders how long it’ll be until we start seeing imported Changan delivery trucks flying around the streets of Western countries at 3am…

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