Steane Klose | Apr 18, 2007

Porsche Panamera - With hum drum Hybrid option

Porsche's development of their front engined four door performance car continues. There are spy photos everywhere of the heavily disguised test mules undergoing road and track testing.

Porsche have had amazing success with the Cayenne range despite the critics (its ugly) and the shocked Porsche purists. In fact Porsche have recovered so well from their early 90's slump that they are now the worlds most profitable car maker on a per unit basis. So cashed up is Porsche that buying large chunks of Volkswagen has been possible and they have used their success to increase their already substantial shareholding.

Increasing the breadth of the Porsche range has been a priority for a few years now and the Panamera will continue the push to broaden Porsche's client base. If you want a four door Porsche thats not a truck the Panamera will be the Porsche for you.


Porsche going green...Hybrid option for Panamera and coming soon to a Cayenne near you

The Panamera is expected to be unveiled in 2009. Pricing in Australia is not known but UK pricing is expected to range from 54k to 84k sterling. Both V6 and V8 models will be available. A turbocharged 380kW V8 will top the range with the potential to get from 0-100km/h in 4.5 seconds and nudge 300km/h. The normally aspirated V8 will be pulled from the Cayenne and should be good for 300kW's. Transmissions are expected to be a normal 6-speed gearbox and 7-speed VW'ish DSG transmission.

In keeping with the times a Hybrid Porsche Panamera is expected to be available. It will incorporate a 220kW V6 and use an electric motor to buzz around town being green and clean. When its time to get down and dirty the electric motor will kick in and assist the petrol engine to increase acceleration.

It all sounds very clever but how will it actually sound? Somehow a Porsche emitting a low electric hum as it wafts past just wouldn't seem right. I guess the idea of four door Porsche is going down sideways for more than a few fans of the marque anyway. Interesting times are ahead.

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