MINI And Airstream Team Up For Surfer-Spec Concept

Mike Stevens | Mar 16, 2009

Forget what you think you know about caravans and their direct link to Land Cruiser-toting retirees. Caravans are now officially the preserve of the coolest kids on the block.

In a joint-venture concept by MINI and Airstream Inc, the two cultural icons are about to present a one-off Clubman Cooper S and Airstream caravan designed by furniture brand Republic of Fritz Hansen.


Sound confusing? It’s one hell of a collaboration, yet strangely appropriate.

The concept will make its debut at the Interni Design Energies exhibition in the courtyards of Università degli Studi di Milano during the upcoming Salone del Mobile show held in Milan. I know it’s a mouthful, but stay with me.

Republic of Fritz Hansen is a Copenhagen-based firm specializing in functional, minimalist design.

Using the outdoor lifestyle aspects of surf culture, the firm has created a fresh new look for the Clubman and Airstream caravan.

Inside the Airstream, new interpretations of Arne Jacobson’s ‘Egg’ and ‘Swan’ chairs will feature, along with a table and four unique ‘Series Seven’ chairs giving plenty of accommodation for entertaining while on the road.


The 'modern surfer' look is capped off with wood paneling, a waterproof interior and a fold-out sunbed.

Jacob Holm, the President and CEO of Republic of Fritz Hansen says of the concept: “Here at Republic of Fritz Hansen we are thrilled with the collaboration and really look forward to introducing this unique and eye catching concept.”

The MINI up front of the specialist outfit will share the same exterior cues as the Airstream it’s pulling, as well as a black and green neoprene ‘wetsuit’ interior.

Mechanically, the Clubman Cooper S features the same turbocharged 1.6 litre engine available across the Cooper S range.


“It has always been important for us to implement new products and ideas in unconventional ways,” said, Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, Head of MINI Brand Communication, “The concept MINI and Airstream, designed by Republic of Fritz Hansen, presents a surprisingly different way of using a MINI and an Airstream with a design, which consciously transcends into the world of the surfer.

At the same time, we have achieved a successful co-operation with two international cult brands which authentically embodies the MINI attitude to life.”

“Partnering with MINI was a given,” said Bob Wheeler, CEO of Airstream, Inc. “As one of the oldest manufacturers of recreational vehicles in the U.S. and MINI’s longstanding history producing unmistakable sport cars, we knew that we would make a dynamite team.”

The Mini Clubman Cooper S and Airstream Concept by Republic of Fritz Hansen will debut at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan from April 22nd.

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    [...] Surf’s up for Fritz Hanzen, the Airstream, and the MINI Cooper [...]
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    Nice car. Nice Airstream.
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    Great idea, something easy to tow behind a normal size car, now just get me to re design the interior so it can be used for a long weekend
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