Mike Stevens | Mar 14, 2009

On June 12, the world’s first clean emission motorcycle grand prix – the TTXGP – will be held on the Isle of Man.

We recently talked about one of the competing bikes, the Mission One, and now a design studio by the name of Xenophya has unveiled illustrations for another bike set to take part: the EV-0RR.

Details on the EV-0RR are scarce, and team owners Evo Design Solutions are remaining tight-lipped about the bike’s inner workings.

ev-0rr_02What we do know is that a twin electric motor system will be used, and that the EV-0RR utilises a monocoque chassis, doing away with the traditional telescopic front suspension in favour of a double wishbone setup.

The Monocoque shell of the EV-0RR was developed in conjunction with Lotus, and the the suspension is based on the Yamaha GTS1000 double wishbone setup.

Hopefully Evo Design Solutions or Xenophya will reveal more details as the event draws closer.

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