Steane Klose | Mar 13, 2009

Mansory has recently released details on its first series of 911 tuning products since purchasing the division from Rinspeed, and from the looks of what we see here, it was worth the wait.

All bases are covered with aerodynamic enhancements, handling and engine power... all of which means there's something for everyone regardless of how you get your kicks.


Body components not only add to the 911's purposeful looks, but reduce weight and improve aerodynamics. A new front bumper, rear bumper, side skirts, and a carbon-fibre bonnet are all available.

The interior receives lashings of leather and carbon-fibre, but may not be to everyone's tastes - we'd wondering if many might prefer to leave well enough alone in this regard.

Mansory has not yet released any technical specifications on the available power upgrades, which consists of a high-flow intake system and a revised exhaust system. Improvements over the standard output figures will vary depending on the model in question.


Huge 20-inch wheels are now available, wrapped in Michelin Pilot rubber measuring 245/30 up front and 325/25 out back. The one-piece forged five-spoke rims are Mansory's own creation.

To improve handling, Mansory claims it has lowered the car's centre of gravity by 30mm, though how this has been achieved is not divulged.

While we always enjoy knowing someone is making fast cars faster, further information regarding technical specs, pricing, and availability wouldn't go astray.

Hit the gallery below to inspect Mansory's handiwork.

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