Mike Stevens | Mar 12, 2009

While talk of a mid-engined roadster from the four rings has been going on for a couple of years with never an official word in its favour, that hasn’t stopped fans imagining such a killer car.

Unlikely models are hot topics for a lot of magazines – Aussie readers know how much auto mags here like to wax on about make-believe Holdens (heck, we’ve had a stab at it ourselves) – and Autocar Czech is no different.


Professional automotive designer and press freelancer Jan Kamenistiak was commissioned by AC to put together this stunning concept of how the Audi R4 might look – if the German powerhouse ever decides to build it.

Borrowing styling elements from across the Audi range, this R4 Roadster concept is perfect to the point of production readiness. Yes, Kamenistiak knows his stuff.


There is of course the question of exactly where the R4 could fit into the Audi range, with the TT and TT-RS filling out the various levels of ‘powerful convertible’ nicely on their own.

Whatever happens, we’re happy just to look at Jan’s work. And who knows, maybe Audi will be happy looking at it as well. Happy enough to build it even?

[Autocar Czech via Autoblog]

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