Steane Klose | Mar 11, 2009

It's a sad state of affairs when seven of the mere twenty Lamborghini Reventóns ever made find themselves back on the market and up for sale.

JamesList - a CraigsList for the rich, if you will - currently has the dubious honour of hosting the sales on behalf of cash-strapped owners seeking to part ways with their ultra-rare bulls.

Collectively, the total value of the bunch comes in at around €10.8 million (AUD$21m/USD$14m), making each car roughly worth €1.5-€1.6 million. You'd think the price would drop, given the Reventón market is practically flooded right now... (ahem.)


For any other type of car, proportionally, this would constitute a buyers' market. For the Reventón, though?

On the bright side, potential owners can at least be picky about nationality, as there's one for sale from the United Arab Emirates, two in the US and four available in Germany.

While the pricing might not be to everyone's taste, this is a very unique opportunity to own one of the rarest and most prestigious Lamborghinis ever built.

Interested parties can hit the site to make an inquiry.

Now, excuse us while we pass around the collection hat - this might take a while. Please, give generously.

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