Mike Stevens | Mar 11, 2009

Here’s a weird one. It seems that while covering a book launch in London’s Oxford Street (slow news day?), a CNN reporter and camera crew bore witness to a quartet of jewellery thieves as they made their getaway on the back of a pair of stealthy black motorcycles.

The thieves used a sledgehammer to smash the window that stood between them and their bounty, and revved the hell out of their motorcycles to mask the sound of the glass breaking.

The robbers then made their escape, one of them even flashing a V for victory to the crowd of onlookers – most of whom probably had no idea what had even occurred. Brilliant stuff.

There’s been talk around the intarwebs that this was all in fact a stunt to promote a film – what they call ‘viral marketing.’ Only time will tell. In the meantime, the robbers made a successful getaway and no arrests have yet been made.

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