Mike Stevens | Mar 10, 2009

Remember when Sonic the Hedgehog first appeared in a Nintendo video game? No? Right. All you need to know is that Sonic is a Sega property, and Nintendo was of course Sega’s mortal enemy. When Sega stopped making consoles, Sonic the Hedgehog had nowhere to go – so the two companies came to an agreement.

On consideration, the discussions between BMW and Daimler – Mercedes-Benz’s parent company – aren’t much like that at all.

It seems the two companies - traditionally regarded as arch-enemies – are taking a good hard look at the idea of swapping 7 percent shares in the other’s company, so as to foster cooperation between the two and present a stronger front against foreign luxury marques.


However, the Quandt family – which owns 46 percent of BMW – has expressed concerns that despite the proposed benefits, any cross-ownership could lead to a takeover attempt by Daimler.

It’s believed that the German government has already been consulted about the proposal and the matter of a possible anti-trust issue has been raised.


The two companies are hoping to cut costs by sharing internal components – a move which would save BMW and Mercedes-Benz millions in development and production.

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