Steane Klose | Mar 9, 2009

A Volkswagen-commissioned audit has revealed that the latest MK VI Golf is packing some 527kg of recycled materials under that tasteful bodywork.

Over 40 percent of the entire mass of the vehicle is comprised of secondary raw materials.

This is the first time an audit into the use of recycled materials in a complete vehicle has been conducted and certified by Germany's TÜV technical inspection authority.


The total figure breaks down like so: 501kg of recycled metals, 15kg of recycled plastics, 9kg of recycled glass and a final 2kg of recycled fluids. Over 5000 parts were assessed during the process.

Cast aside any doubts you have that the resulting product born from recycled materials is in any way inferior.


Dr. Harald Ludanek, Head of Total Vehicle Development and Protoypes at Volkswagen and also the Group’s Vehicle Recycling Officer, noted:

“A prerequisite for the use of high-quality recycled materials is that sufficient quantities are available for series production. Obviously, they must comply with the same high quality standards that Volkswagen sets for primary raw materials.

The demanding specifications for surface quality and material durability referred to these materials guarantee the safety, reliability and longevity of our vehicles.”

The effective use of recycled materials is essential for the future of the automotive industry - it is not only what comes out the tail-pipe that has an environmental impact.

Recognising this, and consumer demands for cleaner cars, a number of manufacturers, notably Volkswagen and Mercedes, have been working hard to reduce consumption of resources in vehicle production.


Between 2000 and 2006, Volkswagen and its partner SiCon successfully developed the award-winning Volkswagen-SICON method for treating shredder residue from recycling end-of-life vehicles.

Using this method, some 85 percent of the original materials can be recovered and re-used.

For more information on the recycling process, visit

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