Mike Stevens | Mar 6, 2009

If the name Gemballa puts images of gumballs in your head… you’re the only one.

The rest of us know Gemballa as the specialist performance tuner that takes regular everyday Porsches (‘regular’ is a relative term here), and churns out ballistic missiles. With wheels.

Now the lads from Leonberg have laid their genius to the Porsche Carrera GT, giving us the Carrera GT Carbon Edition. That means more power, and less weight.


Gemballa has rigorously massaged the Carrera GT’s 5.7 litre V10, increasing its power to 500kW (670hp), while torque is now up to a ridiculous 630Nm (854lb-ft) – up from 450kW (603hp) and 590Nm (435lb-ft) respectively.


Courtesy of the rocket lying beneath this Porsche’s skin, 0-60mph (96km/h) is knocked flat in under 3.7 seconds, before storming to 200km/h (124mph) in a total of 9.7 seconds. Top speed? A goodly 334km/h.


Gemballa hasn’t revealed much more than that, but you can see for yourself the parts of the exterior replaced with carbon fibre components. Ceramic brakes are also in the deal.

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