Tony O'Kane | Mar 4, 2009

Citroen? Supercar? In the same sentence? We jest you not, for Citroen's head of products has apparently confirmed the seductively-shaped GTbyCitroen will be making the full transformation from motor show concept to road-legal supercar.


Citroen's Products and Markets manager Vincent Besson says that although the futuristic GT was originally intended to be just a design showcase for Polyphony Digital's Gran Turismo 5 video game, a strong reception and positive feedback from the car's Paris debut made low-volume production a viable prospect.

"We are now thinking of a limited run, possibly as many as 20 units," said Besson in a recent interview with British car mag Autocar.


A sale date, price and detailed specs aren't immediately forthcoming from Citroen, however Besson did hint that power will likely be derived from a GM or Ford V8 - a radically different powerplant to the hydrogen fuel cell used by the Gran Turismo-spec GTbyCitroen. We'll be keeping our eyes peeled for any further info, so stay tuned.


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