Nissan to unveil new 2008 X-Trail at Sydney International Motor Show

Steane Klose | Oct 5, 2007

The Sydney International Motor Show has its fair share of debuts and Nissan are adding their all-new X-Trail SUV to the list. Looking remarkably similar to the model it replaces the new X-Trail is now larger in all dimensions.

Nissan claim that new X-Trail offers higher degrees of refinement, comfort, safety and quality in a package that abounds in clever innovations and offers greater practicality, yet retains the basic elements that made the original X-Trail a sales success.

The new X-Trail sees the introduction of an optional stepless CVT automatic transmission that is said to not only improve driveability but also reduce fuel consumption. All-paw grip is provided via the “intelligent” ALL MODE 4x4-i four-wheel drive system and a revised version of the outgoing models 2.5-litre four-cylinder engine powers the new model.


With twin overhead camshafts and four valves per cylinder, the 2.5-litre engine also uses a sophisticated CVTC (Continuous Valve Timing Control) system to ensure a useable spread of power and torque over a wide operating range. The result is 125kW and 226Nm of torque and Nissan claim that the mid-range response is where the most improvement can be felt, primarily the result of an improved torque curve. Fuel economy is said to be excellent with the CVT version returning better fuel economy figures than both the outgoing automatic and five speed manual variants.


There are three-models in the new X-Trail range – ST, ST-L and the range-topping Ti and they are all equipped with Nissan’s Electronic Stability Program (ESP) including Stability Control and Traction Control with Active Brake Limited Slip, hill descent control and hill start assist. The Hill start assist and hill descent control are part of the electronically controlled ‘intelligent’ ALL MODE 4x4-i four-wheel drive system and are new to the X-Trail and help extend its off-road capabilities.

All models are equipped with four-wheel disc ABS brakes with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist (BA) while passive safety features include the fitment of dual front, front side and full-length curtain airbags on all models, along with front active headrests, side intrusion bars and a collapsible steering column.


The new X-Trail may look much like the old X-Trail but it features a new chassis based on the Alliance C-Platform that contributes to enhancements in driveability on the road as well as abilities off-road. MacPherson strut suspension at the front and a multi-link system at the rear, enable the new X-Trail to offer a more refined, comfortable ride. Fuel efficiency receives a boost by the adoption of electric power steering. Although being physically larger, the new X-Trail retains the same 10.6-metre turning circle as the previous model.

Nissan have also increased wheel sizes for the new X-Trail, with the move to 16-inch steel wheels with 215/65R16 tyres for ST models and 17-inch six-spoke alloy wheels with 215/60R17 tyres for the ST-L and Ti versions.

The new X-Trail offers even more space for five passengers as well as a luggage area that can be expanded to a maximum of 1773 litres when the new 40/20/40 rear seats are folded and the clever two-level floor with its sliding drawer is removed.


Familiar X-Trail innovations include cup holders at either end of the instrument panel that are able to heat or cool drinks, enhanced now by two similarly heated or cooled cup holders for the rear-seat passengers as well.

Perhaps the most noticeable and welcome change over the outgoing X-Trails is the adoption of a dashboard layout that places the instrument binnacle directly ahead of the driver rather than in the centre of the dashboard.

Standard in all new X-Trail models are a trip computer, exterior temperature gauge, cruise control, height-adjustable driver’s seat, air conditioning, power windows, keyless entry, 12-volt cargo area power outlet, cargo area tie-down hooks and roof rails.


ST-L and Ti models gain 17-inch alloy wheels, climate-control air-conditioning, a leather-trimmed steering wheel and a six-speaker sound system with six-stack, in-dash MP3-capable CD player, while the Ti comes with a glass sliding power sunroof, heated front leather seats with power adjustment and rear parking sensors.

The good news is that the pricing for the entry level ST remains unchanged at $31,990* for the manual and $33,990* for the CVT automatic despite the improved specifications. The mid-specification ST-L is priced from $35,990* for the manual and $37,990* for the CVT automatic while the range topping Ti is priced from $38,990* for the manual and $40,990* for the CVT automatic variants.



[Source: Nissan]

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  • joe says,
    8 years ago
    This car is awesome. I was about to buy the old model, but now I am going to wait for this one. I wish I could afford the higher range Ti model, but I wonder if it's worth the extra money...
  • Rick says,
    8 years ago
    Waited a while for the X-Trail to come out, but where is the Diesel?

    I hope the marketing manager wasn't asleep at the wheel when the decision was made. It may end up being disastrous for Nissan X-Trail sales!!
  • Jonah says,
    8 years ago
    I wish they'd sell this in Canada. It is much better, roomier and tougher than the Rogue.
  • Phillip Dunn says,
    8 years ago
    1 like
    CVT concerns for towing a caravan at 1600kgs, what wear can be expected on the drive belt within the CVT. What is the normal life of this component, costs for replacement?. Apart from these concerns, the vehicle is a great leap forward from it's predecessor in many ways. Diesel, if available, would the CVT be available as a combo for the higher torque?
  • Tony says,
    8 years ago
    I bought a Ti in 2005 and have no regrets. We have covered a lot of ground in the past 2.5 years and it has met all expectations. I've fitted an electric trailer brake controller and it has no problem with the claimed 2 tonne towing capacity. The only quantum leap that would greatly enhance it would be to introduce a diesel. With a diesel under the bonnet there would be no competition from the opposition. Good to see bigger wheels on the new model and a chunkier chassis. The mid mounted instrument panel is not a problem once you have had your first night drive. In fact it allows the driver less distraction while watching the road. I don't believe that this aspect would have had a measurable impact on sales. Nissan, Where's the diesel?
  • David Dearman says,
    8 years ago
    Where in heaven is the diesel? I owned the last model and loved it apart from the fuel consumption (11.5l/100km). I know the new ones is supposedly a bit better with the CVT, but..... I have driven the Renault Grand Scenic in France with a 2 litre diesel which gave better than 8l/100km and had lots of oompf! Remember you can get the Renault diesel engines Mr Nissan (it's the same company).

    So Mr Nissan get your act together and give us the automatic diesel and I will buy one tomorrow. Fuel is going to hit $2 a litre within 6 months (just wait for our exchange rate to go back to more normal times) and with diesel giving better than 30% fuel saving - it just has to make sense. Diesel is the only way for a greener future.
  • JOHN LANG says,
    8 years ago
    It's the same old question, where is the diesel??? VW are about to bring a compact AWD diesel out, so I think is Renault, there is the Santa Fe, Captiva, Sorrento, need I go on. Nissan have well and truly missed the boat on this one. And if some marketing guru told Nissan there was no diesel market in Australia, they should be sacked.
  • Adrian says,
    8 years ago
    My father spoke to a Nissan mechanic on my behalf regarding the CVT - it's a metal chain (as opposed a rubber belt) and the only service required is an oil change at 100,000 ks.

    I was looking for an email address on the Nissan site to ask them to seriously consider the diesel. We test drove a CVT Ti two weeks ago and would have bought one there and then if it were a diesel.
  • Peter says,
    8 years ago
    Nissan Australia's marketing manager Ross Booth told the Carsales Network at the launch that there was no business case for the company to offer a turbodiesel X-TRAIL in Australia. "Our figures show compact SUV buyers in Australia are not asking for diesel. We don't believe there's a market for it," Booth said.

    Ross Booth - you're an IDIOT! I would buy another X-Trail if you bought in a diesel and I think you'd find most of your customers would prefer the diesel version. I owned a petrol X-Trail for 4 years, and never got any market research questions about diesels. I think you'll find the reason nobody asks you for an X-Trail diesel is because they know, only too well, that YOU decided not to import them!!!