Mike Stevens | Mar 3, 2009

Whether these images are ‘as official’ as the first official image we showed you yesterday is tough to say – and something about the centre of the rear diffuser does look a little dodgy.

Nonetheless, these images look great. If this is the final styling of Opel’s version of the Chevy Volt, the German marque may have a hot seller on their hands and possibly a Prius beater as well – which is just what the business needs.

Despite the car’s status as an electric/petrol hybrid – even one with as unique a system as the Volt/Ampera – Opel isn’t letting that get in the way of the car’s styling.


Two massive vents sit either side of a main centre vent and diffuser – likely to be nothing more than aesthetic – with the wheels sitting snug and purposefully inside the wheel wells.


The interior, now there’s a delight. Piano black replaces just about all of the Volt’s glossy ivory white panels. Given the iPod references the Volt’s interior has endured, you could say the Ampera’s interior is 'iPhone black to the Volt’s iPhone white'.

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