Tony O'Kane | Feb 27, 2009


It's true, 93 cents won't get you much these days. But, according to Subaru, that's exactly how much it will cost to travel 100km in its Stella plug-in electric car.

The Japanese automaker displayed its innovative mini-EV at the Melbourne International Motor Show today, giving the Aussie media, and showgoers this evening, a look at what the future of motoring could look like - if the Stella ever made it here.

Subaru estimates that the Stella EV would cost just 93 cents per 100km travelled if charged using off-peak power, and just $1.88 at peak rates (roughly the same combined daily cost of running a fridge and and hot water system). Small change indeed.


According to Subaru, the Stella is capable of sitting at 100km/h, and even when juiced up by coal-sourced electricity, Subaru says the Stella produces just 12.5kg of CO2 per 100 kilometres travelled. Compare this with the average 2.0 litre small car that pumps out roughly 20.24kg of CO2 over the same distance.

The Stella can also be charged to 80 percent of its capacity in just 15 minutes, while a full charge takes eight hours from a 100v outlet and four hours from a 200v outlet.

It might not be the most attractive looking small car, but it could definitely deliver real monetary and environmental savings if sold in volume. If Australia's power network used greener energy however, the benefits would be even greater.

The Stella EV is currently slated to enter production for the Japanese domestic market later this year, however an Australian release is uncertain at this stage.

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