Volkswagen releases new Golf GT Sport in both TSI & TDI variants

Steane Klose | Sep 24, 2007

Following on from the launch of the limited edition Golf GT TSI in May 2007, Volkswagen has released the Golf GT Sport model.

The new ‘Sport’ model will be a permanent addition to the Golf range and according to Volkswagen offers new technology, superior road performance and low fuel consumption. The Golf GT Sport is available with a choice of either a petrol or diesel powerplant. (Note - Normal Golf GT pictured not the Sport variant)

The Golf GT Sport 2.0 TDI makes use of Volkswagen’s most powerful four-cylinder TDI engine with an output of 125kW at 4200 rpm and peak torque of 350Nm. Equipped with advanced piezo operated direct injection it powers the Golf GT Sport from 0 to 100km/h in just 8.2 seconds.

The Golf GT Sport TSI featues the compact 1.4 litre direct-injection twin-charger engine from the regular GT. This dynamic little four-pot develops 125kW and 240Nm, with maximum torque available from a low 1750rpm.


The Golf GT Sport features sports suspension, exclusive 17 inch alloy wheels "BBS ClassiXs", 225 tyres, 16 inch brakes, distinctive bumper and radiator grille design, twin tailpipes, sports seats and a sports steering wheel. The styling is further enhanced by the addition of a new grille surround in charcoal (formally body colour) and a GT Sport badge.

Golf GT Sport pricing

Golf GT Sport TSI six speed manual from $34,990*

Golf GT Sport TDI six speed DSG from $37,290*

Golf GT Sport TSI six speed manual from $37,490*

Golf GT Sport TDI six speed DSG from $39,790*

* Recommended retail price


[Source: Volkswagen Australia]

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  • Mikele says,
    8 years ago
    Still behind the wonderful BMW 120 D 2.0 litre twin turbo diesel ready to unleash 400 Nm at 1800 rpm and accelerate from standstill - 100 km/h less than 7 seconds.

  • Matty says,
    8 years ago
    Mikele, do your research before posting, your not even close.
  • Simon says,
    8 years ago
    Matty's right. The Golf GT TDI is below 40k, it will be interesting to see what BMW will charge for a sporty version of the 120D
  • mrdeux says,
    8 years ago
    And the BMW is so ugly and impractical. Adults fit into the back seat of a Golf. Try putting anyone with the standard two legs into the back of the BMW.
  • Marlow says,
    8 years ago
    Any utopia vehicles out there?
    0-60mph <6 sec
    50 mpg (us Gallons)?

    oh yeah big back seat and no ghg emissions
  • Simon says,
    8 years ago
    What an awesome car. Start with the fantastic looking golf, add a powerful diesel with some serious torqs, finish with the seriously slick DSG box and you have a hot little hatch - nice work VW.
  • Erik Lambson says,
    7 years ago
    I've known about this TSI for years, I'm glad its here, this turbo and super charge set up is going to be the best of the best. For Now, when Is it coming to the US???
  • Ping Rapture V2 says,
    7 years ago
    nice !

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