Mike Stevens | Feb 13, 2009

After our going to lengths to dispute the likelihood of any RX-7 coming to us any time in the next decade, Inside Line reckons it’s had an inside source at Mazda’s Hiroshima HQ confirm that a new Mazda RX-7 is indeed on the way, though no dates were given.

According to IL’s source, Mazda’s efforts to promote the Renesis engine over the past decade means the company will not allow the rotary engine to fall into the pages of history yet again.

IL’s man on the inside said that development of a new RX-7 is “well along”, and that the next-gen sports car will feature a front-midship-mounted 16X rotary engine making upwards of 201kW (270hp) without any form of forced induction.

The new 16X engine is believed to be built on a 800cc x 2 configuration, as opposed to the 13B’s 654cc x 2 format. Despite the higher capacity, fuel economy is improved by some 20 percent – a factor which will go a long way towards improving the rotary’s image as an oil-burning engine with poor economy and high emissions.


Inside Line says the new (FE?) RX-7 will feature a new twin-clutch six-speed manual transmission, with a feature that will allow drivers to set the revs at which the clutches engage.

An all-new chassis is supposedly part of the project, and Mazda has managed to cut as good as 100kg (220lb), bringing the car down to around 1197kg.

Little else was offered regarding a new RX-8 and the oft-rumoured (and possibly hydrogen-powered) RX-9, except to say that projects for both cars are underway.


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