Mike Stevens | Feb 12, 2009

A Japanese auto rag has spun out what is probably the 14th speculative concept in the past ten years.

Being the product of a magazine’s audience-grabbing efforts, there’s little to be said about the production or power expectations. From a design perspective, the concept’s wedge-like style represents a massive departure from the Nagare language that Mazda is still very committed to, and that alone is evidence enough that any future RX-7 – at least one built in the next five or so years – won’t look anything like this.

And that’s the point, really: Mazda isn’t likely to introduce a new RX-7 – a car which would obviously have to compete on a higher level than the FD’s engineers ever had to worry about – in the current economic climate.

Mazda may continue to tease us with great looking concepts, but we probably shouldn’t expect to see a new RX-7 any time soon.


Still, it’s nice to dream, and being a car enthusiast is all about dreaming, right?

Here’s a few other concepts from the past, none of them official Mazda offerings.



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