Tony O'Kane | Feb 11, 2009

Wet your pants when you saw the astoundingly butch 2004 Range Stormer concept, but couldn't care less when they added two more doors and turned it into the Range Rover Sport? ARK ReDesign just might have something for you...

ARK is reportedly in the midst of developing its own three-door conversion for the Range Rover Sport. By cutting the body in two, removing part of the midsection and deleting the rear doors, ARK's short wheelbase Rangie could be just the thing to placate those lamenting the loss of the original Range Rover three-door.

It's also far more understated than previous attempts at making a Range Rover 'coupe', and, if ARK's rendering is anything to go by, the finished product should look like Range Rover themselves built it. Customers will be able to either buy a Range Rover three-door built off a brand-new body, or get ARK to apply the modifications to their own existing vehicle.

Prices have yet to be announced, and it's unclear exactly when ARK ReDesign will be able to begin converting customer cars. As yet, a three-door conversion for the full-size Range Rover (as opposed to the smaller Range Rover Sport) is not on the cards.

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