Mike Stevens | Feb 10, 2009

Apparently there’s some sort of techno-organic virus going around at the moment. A computer virus that can be embedded in regular paper, which then relies on the next time your hands make contact with a computer keyboard, rubbing off your finger tips and entering your computer through the keyboard’s pores.

Alright, that’s not how this scam works at all, but I bet some of you fell for that.

No, it seems some computer hackers in the US printed a bunch of fake parking tickets, directing unwitting victims to a website, from where they were told they would be able to “view pictures with information about your parking preferences” - whatever that means.

The website then asked the visitor to install a fake anti-virus scanner, and if the person is sufficiently stupid, they do as they are bid. Next thing you know - bam! Virus, baby.

[BBC news]

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