Tony O'Kane | Feb 4, 2009

Aching to get your hands on an uber-exclusive and unfathomably expensive British luxo-cruiser, but can't be arsed waiting for the upcoming 'Extreme Bentley'? Well, hold onto your wallets and feast your eyes on the first Bentley Continental GTZ to be built by Italian coachbuilder Zagato - which can be yours for the bargain price of $2.6 million AUD!

Bentley Continental Zagato GTZ

Well by "bargain" we actually mean "ludicrously overpriced". Aside from a unique two-tone paint-job and some bespoke metalwork, there's not a whole lot to justify the incredible $2,171,753 price differential between it and the 'regular' Bentley Continental GT Speed upon which it's based.

Nope, not even a few extra horses.

So, if you're the kind of guy that values brand image over, well, pretty much everything else, then by all means head over to JamesList and check out the GTZ's ad. For the rest of you though, maybe invest your money a little more, how you say, wisely.

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