Mike Stevens | Feb 4, 2009

Relativity is an amazing thing. It allows you to apply terms to things which people wouldn't normally consider appropriate. A case in point is the upcoming 'baby' Rolls Royce, known as the RR4, which is reportedly to be badged the Silver Ghost.

When you're told that the Silver Ghost will be a good half-metre shorter than the Phantom, that baby moniker might seem appropriate. However, when you realise that there's still 5.3 metres left - and that makes it longer than parent company BMW's long wheelbase 7-Series - you're left wondering if a 'giant' Rolls Royce would make Hummer drivers say, "Dude, don't you think your car is a bit big?"


Other information to emerge is the engine selection. Unsurprisingly, being a Rolls Royce, the two preferred options are a V8 or a V12. Both will be petrol - so if you're cruising around in your small runabout the proletariat won't mistake you for a lorry. The word however is that the displacement will still be less than the 6.75-litre monster that is currently found under the Phantom's hood.

Of course, with the current attitude towards emissions, alternative powertrains are not being ruled out. The size of the RR4 gives BMW plenty of room to package in a hybrid powertrain (I wouldn't bother going looking for a diesel).

Last year Rolls Royce managed to ship 1000 cars from its Goodwood factory, for the first time ever. With the introduction of the RR4 the projections are for 2500 units, which is about in-line with what we reported earlier.

The word is that the car will cost €380,000, or AUD$770,000. These price projections seem a little unlikely however, as that would price it between the regular Phantom and its LWB variant. But then again, it is Rolls Royce: perhaps that's the way 'entry level' models are priced.

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