Mike Stevens | Feb 2, 2009

In the annals of cleverly-rhymed post titles… my name will be nowhere to be seen.

Carbon ceramic brakes may be all the rage in the high-falutin’ world of high-end options, but to the high-flying fashionista, only 25-carat rose gold will do. That is, when it comes to brake disc inspired cuff links.

Designed by respected French watch-making outfit Bernard Richards Manufacture, these might just be the ultimate accessory for the cashed up petrolhead - and at AU$3240 for a pair, cashed up is just what he’ll need to be.

A little out of your price range? Perhaps the world’s lightest football boot will be more to your liking, sir. Of course, they might be more useful if you’re actually a footballer, but you could always rub a bit of dirt on them and leave them lying around for visitors to goggle at.


Hewn almost entirely from a solid block of Mother Nature's best carbon fibre (alright, it doesn’t work quite like that), the Nike Mercurial Vapor SL weighs a mere 190 grams per boot. You know what else weighs less than 200 grams? Me neither, off the top of my head, but apparently all of these things do.


Don’t expect to get your hands on a pair of these super-light kicks though, as the limited run of 2008 firm-turf pairs and 500 soft-turf pairs have already done their dash. I’d suggest jumping on eBay and hoping you’ll find a pair for anywhere close to the original AU$635 retail price, but maybe you should just buy a couple of those trinkets instead.

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