Bentley To Suspend Production For Six Weeks

Tony O'Kane | Jan 29, 2009

Aston Martin isn't the only British prestige automaker that's set to slow down production. Bentley has announced that it will be scaling back output of its Crewe factory over the coming months, with "continued low demand" cited as the primary cause behind the slowdown.

The Continental line will be paused for seven weeks, while the Arnage line will be halted for a total of six weeks. The stoppages will begin in March and run through to April.

This news is not likely to be welcomed by Bentley's 4000 workers, 1400 of which are already working a three day week. Production will eventually start up again, however if the world's super-wealthy don't resume their conspicuous consumption quick-smart, then further cutbacks may be around the corner.

On the upside, it appears that we can still expect some new and exciting things from the Winged B in the near future. According to Bentley USA spokesman David Reuter, Bentley is "maintaining [its] investment levels in new product development, the benefits of which will begin to be seen later this year".

We take it he's talking about this thing.

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  • Joe says,
    7 years ago
    Just after they announced their FASTEST, MOST POWERFUL production car ever?

    It seems like a really odd decision TBH, unless they are resting their laurels on the aforementioned supercar.

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