Steane Klose | Sep 8, 2007

"I could have done 350, but I ran out of road" - Zahir Rana

It seems that cashed-up oil industry workers in Alberta Canada have a fondness for exotic machinery and high speed. In October 2006, Calgary based exotic car dealer Mr Zahir Rana filmed the cheeky little video you can view below. The video features two Lamborghini Gallardos an Enzo and a Novitec Rosso F430 F1 Supersport.

Zahir organises a number of cruises each year for his customers and has been known to hire helicopters to film some of their more daring mountain road adventures. The video below features Zahir and some of his customers who attempted top speed runs on roads that were supposedly closed off - although this conflicts with the Alberta police road closure records. Zahir took line honours in his Enzo with a top speed of 339km/h.

Zahir was eventually arrested and when interviewed by the Calgary Sun claimed that they were not out racing..."they were out for coffee!!!"


[Source: CarZi]

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