Steane Klose | Jan 21, 2009

The US police have a long and storied history with Ford's Crown Victoria. Indirectly, so do all of us when you consider the number of Interceptors we've seen blown apart, spinning on the roof or involved in lurching tyre-smoking pursuits on the silver screen. (Does the Blues Brothers come to mind here?)

The latter may soon be a thing of the past however; Ford US is winding down Crown Victoria production while also putting the brakes on its RWD programs. The Crown Victoria is now only available for fleets and, at this stage, 2011 will be its final year of production.


What will replace the tried-and-tested cruiser is uncertain, but some are looking in the direction of Ford's new Taurus which is to be available in FWD and AWD configurations. That does make some sense but possibly conflicts with Ford's intended 'flagship image' for the Taurus.

Are there any clues in this as to the local Falcon's future? You have to wonder. And if the Taurus did become the platform for the next Falcon, what effect would it have on our local police if they were to switch to FWD and AWD vehicles?

There have been forays 'into uniform' for Magnas and WRXs in the past, but it hasn't really stuck. Would it make any difference? Got any thoughts on the issue?

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