Mike Stevens | Jan 15, 2009

If your taste in films runs to inspiring pathetic dialogue, award-worthy eye-burning computer effects, and stunts and jumps made of the stuff of legends the warmed up corpses of every B-grade movie ever made (mine does!), the fourth instalment in the hoonerific Fast & Furious franchise will be right up your alley.

But wait. Is it possible that this time around, director Justin Lin will deliver a more mature story, dealing with real-life issues of love, loss, and tragedy? In the trailer released online today, a full one minute and fifteen seconds passes before a single car is seen driven in anger.

Don’t you worry, though: that 1:15 is still loaded with chick-magnet Paul Walker failing to fulfill the single task in an actor’s job description: acting. You’ll love the glass-shattering dive through a window, into his assailant, and two storey drop onto the roof of a conveniently parked downy-soft car.

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