Mike Stevens | Jan 9, 2009

We’ve all heard about knuckleheads doing their own backyard modifications and quick fixes to their poor cars, and no doubt you’ve all heard just as many tales about workshops doing the dodgy on their unsuspecting customers.

Carter Racing, a tuning outfit in the US state of Georgia, isn’t one of those workshops. But they did recently have the unfortunate experience of opening up a customer’s engine to discover dirt in the cylinders, and copper spray coating the pistons, walls, and everywhere else. That they didn’t shove a kitchen sink in there to also cover in copper spray amazed everyone.

You’ll love this shot of a vacuum line sealed with a burnt-off plastic T, using duct tape and silicon. Pro.


Readers, if ever there was a reason to invest some time into heavily researching your choice of tuners for your pride and joy, this is it right here.

Click through to Carter Racing’s appropriately titled blog entry - “WTF” - for more of the story. The rest of the story about the above vacuum line is frightening, to say the least.

[Carter Racing]

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