Suzuki SX4 mates With XBox 360, Results In XBox 360 Car

Mike Stevens | Jan 6, 2009

I’ve got little time or patience for video games these days, but I did grow up a mad fan of the good ol’ Super Nintendo and the Nintendo Entertainment System before it (sorry Atari 2600 fanatics, I’m not quite that old). I’m afraid most of the new systems, like the XBox 360, are a little beyond me. Of course, if you stuck one square into the dash of a Suzuki SX4, you might just have me at hello.

While probably not legal to drive – there’s likely no airbag in the steering wheel anymore – this is pretty nifty as far as show cars go. Or at least, compared to some of the other ridiculous show cars I’ve borne witness to.

According to the Flickr page for this photo (that’s all the info I’ve got, sorry to say), this SX4’s got two XBox 360s, two LCD screens, and two projectors (what?!). If you’ve got any more info on this car, consider it your civic duty to share it with us.

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  • Serial Killa says,
    7 years ago
    If your 360 got the red ring of death, would one take it back to Microsoft or Suzuki? haha
  • Andy Wana says,
    7 years ago
    Will the car unlock something special if I do the "Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A" thing on the controller?

    Hang on, that's SNES.
    • Babalouie says,
      7 years ago
      No, it unlocks the bonus car, which means you don't have to drive the SX4 no more.
  • Will says,
    7 years ago
    Awesome 2 xboxes and screens just incase one gets the 3 rings of death!
  • Reggie says,
    7 years ago
    where is the PS3 version...we want GT5
  • Gidge says,
    7 years ago
    You have two Xboxes so they can be networked together and you can play against eachother with a whole screan each.
  • griff says,
    6 years ago
    Man, I so badly want that car. Makes me want to actually get up off my sofa and learn to drive...
    BTW - C'mon man, the Xbox 360 isn't beyond you, give it a chance, even if you don't play games it's an amazing media server