Tony O'Kane | Jan 2, 2009

Japanese tuning company Branew is gearing up to debut its own range of aftermarket body addenda for the brand-spankin'-new 370Z at the upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon, Japan's biggest exhibition of tuned and tweaked cars.

Branew's kit features a front under-bumper addon, side steps, rear diffuser and a rear wing, all of which can be made out of either carbonfibre or fibreglass.

A set of blingy 22-inch wheels will also complement Branew's kit and can be requested in a slightly more subtle 20-inch size. Upgraded suspension, brakes, exhuast system and ECU will also be added to Branew's 370Z catalogue, and should help the shapely coupe handle, stop, accelerate and sound better.

Z34 Nissan 370Z Branew

Meanwhile, Branew's compatriots at Zele International are busy prepping their own show car for TAS09. Zele's approach is a little less flashy than Branew's, however there's a greater emphasis on engine tuning and handling performance.

A titainium muffler and high-flow exhaust piping (below) ease restrictions on the engine, while Zele's FZ-ROM ECU tweaks ignition timing, fuel/air maps and the 3.7 litre VQ37VHR VVEL system for a few additional ponies. An engine oil cooler and differential oil cooler keeps the engine and driveline cool during spirited drives.

Z34 Nissan 370Z Zele

A lightweight Brembo brake system (below) replaces the stock anchors and provides better stopping performance, yet still fits under the Z34's 20-inch forged wheels. An unspecified suspension system will also replace the standard hardware.

Z34 Nissan 370Z Zele

As for looks, Zele has yet to release any images of the finished bodywork - and likely won't do so until the car's debut at the Tokyo Auto Salon. For a little clue though, check out the image below...

Z34 Nissan 370Z Zele

We'll have more for you once the doors open at the Tokyo Auto Salon on January 9. Stay tuned.


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