Steane Klose | Dec 31, 2008

After several production delays and a few hard years, German specialist car builder Lotec is now ready to start spruiking its 2009 model Lotec Sirius and has released a series of renderings to get the ball rolling.

The front end now looks a bit easier on the eye than the original and Lotec claims that, despite a drop in power, the new model should be just as fast as the old one.

The original Lotec Sirius had been around a few years and was powered by either a 850hp or 1250hp (depending on spec level) Mercedes-Benz sourced 6.0-litre twin-turbo V12 engine.

The V12 is now a bit harder to acquire which is why power will drop. We're unsure as to what will take its place, but Lotec is confident performance will not be compromised.


The tubular steel frame and carbon fibre body will carry over from the original which should keep weight down to around 1350kgs. The 0-100km/h sprint will take a mere 3.8 seconds with the Sirius capable of reaching almost 390km/h.

Further features and specifications have not been released as yet, unless you count power steering and air conditioning as noteworthy.

Given the delays faced so far we won't be expecting this car in Detroit but we'll keep our eyes out for when it does make an appearance so we can give you all the details. Be sure to check out the gallery which includes an original Siruis (in light silver) for good measure.

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