ings Release N-Spec Aero Kit For Mitsubishi Evo X

Tony O'Kane | Dec 31, 2008

With its shark-like nose, squinting headlights and pumped guards, the CZ4A Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X already looks hard as nails in factory trim. However that hasn't stopped Japanese bodykit specialists ings from shaping, refining and moulding their own aero kit for Mitsubishi's performance flagship.

The fruit of their labour is one tough-lookin' mama.

ings N-Spec kit for the Evolution X ditches Mitsubishi's new Stormtrooper-esque corporate face in favour of a plethora of scoops, airdams, canards and intakes.

An offset scoop within the upper bumper channels fresh air to the engine, two 'nostril' vents improve airflow to the radiator and improved intercooler shrouding and a couple of oil cooler vents help keep temps frosty.

ings Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X

A 'Z-Power Wing' out back and the aforementioned canards are there to improve high-speed stability, and the whole kit has apparently been proven in the battlefield that is circuit racing.

The front bumper will cost ï¿¥81,900 ($1312 AUD) when moulded in a durable urethane/fibreglass mixture, while a less flexible and more damage-prone fibreglass number comes in at at ï¿¥71,400 ($1143 AUD). The canards cost ï¿¥29,400 ($470 AUD) in carbonfibre flavour, while fibreglass examples will set you back just ï¿¥24,150 ($386 AUD).

A little expensive for a new front bumper and some little winglets, you might say, but Japanese name-brand parts never come cheap. Hit up the ings website for more.

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  • Joe says,
    7 years ago
    Just a bit too much going on, on the front bumper for me.
  • nafis says,
    7 years ago
    it just looks too gud..
  • salim says,
    6 years ago
    cool dude

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