Tony O'Kane | Dec 23, 2008

Not to be outdone by Brabus and its 365.69kph CLS-based Rocket, German tuning firm G-Power strapped a pair of superchargers to an E60 BMW M5’s V10, took it to a high-speed bowl in Papenburg and recorded a scorching 367.57kph. A speed which now stands as the top speed record for a four-door sedan.

Called the M5 Hurricane RS, G-Power’s four-door brute packs a huge 552kW thanks to two ASA centrifugal superchargers, which blow just 11.6psi into a modified version of the M5’s 5.0 litre V10. Larger fuel injectors, forged Mahle pistons, modified conrods and a pair of water-to-air intercoolers are required to cope with the supercharger’s boost, while a high-flow exhaust improves power production.


Want a slice of G-Power action for your own E60? Well, the M5 Hurricane range starts from €300,000 ($614,106 AUD) for a fully-converted car, so you’d better have plenty of pennies.

Interestingly, G-Power says that the Hurricane’s superchargers are capable of huffing even more boost (14.5psi to be exact) into that tuned V10. Of the M5 Hurricane RS, G-Power CEO Zoran Zorneke said, “We can still improve if we see the need for it." We like where this is going…

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