Tony O'Kane | Dec 18, 2008

Germany has Gumpert, Sweden has Koenigsegg, the Netherlands has Spyker and Denmark… well, it doesn’t have anything. Not yet anyway. But come next year that’s all set to change, for Danish newcomer Zenvo Automotive is reportedly a hair’s breadth away from launching their own Ferrari-slaying supercar – the twin-charged 810kW Zenvo ST1.

Yep, that’s 77kW more than Bugatti’s much-lauded Veyron, and a great deal more than most other supercars. In fact, only the SSC Ultimate Aero with its gargantuan 960kW output manages to eclipse the ST1 in terms of outright power .


So how does the ST1 achieve its godlike level of grunt? Why, with a turbocharged and supercharged 7-litre V8 of course, the end result of which is the aforementioned 810kW at 6900rpm and an enormous 1430Nm of torque at 4500rpm. Those numbers suggest blistering performance, and the ST1 certainly doesn’t disappoint: recent tests returned a 0-100kph time of just 3.2 seconds while 0-200kph came up in an astonishing 8.9 seconds. That’s deep into Enzo territory, that is.

However Zenvo has (for some unknown reason) elected to electronically limit top speed to 375kph, meaning high velocity bragging rights remain with the Veyron, 9ff GT9, Koenigsegg CCX and the SSC Ultimate Aero.


But who cares about top speed when the ST1 looks this mean? There’s an abundance of creases, cuts and slashes all over the ST1’s carbonfibre exterior, all of which appear to serve the dual function of channelling air and making the thing look like The Incredible Hulk. Not only that, but the squinting headlights, that gaping front air dam and those muscular wheelarches all combine to turn the ST1 into one of the toughest looking supercars out there.


But there’s no point looking tough if a lowly Civic can out-corner you, so Zenvo have endowed the ST1 with a proper double-wishbone suspension with three-way adjustable Ohlins dampers on each corner, as well as a quartet of six-piston brake calipers. Meanwhile, a six-speed manual gearbox (with its own internal oil pump and cooler) swaps cogs and keeps the driver far more involved than any of those new-fangled twin-clutch doohickeys ever could. Carbonfibre bodypanels keep weight down to a manageable 1400kg.


Low-volume niche market supercars generally tend to be a little… spartan on the inside, but the ST1 is something different. Inside its got dual-zone climate control, dual airbags, keyless entry with a push button ignition, electric seats trimmed in leather and alcantara, a MP3-compatible stereo with built in sat-nav, a heads-up display and power windows. Nice.

But in case that’s not enough for you, here’s the options list. Carbonfibre wheels, 394mm ceramic brakes with eight-piston calipers, custom paint and interior colours, fitted luggage and a rollcage with racing harness are all factory-fitted extras offered by Zenvo.


So, how much does all this extravagance cost? Zenvo aren’t saying, but with only 15 ST1’s slated for production this is gunna be one exclusive beast. Production is set to begin sometime in 2009 so get your chequebooks ready, gentlemen.

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