Steane Klose | Dec 9, 2008

Mitsubishi and Proton have been working together for over two decades now with Mitsubishi providing platform and engine technologies for a number of models in the Proton range. Mitsubishi has announced that this partnership is to be extended, having recently signed a deal with Proton that will give the Malaysian manufacturer further access to Mitsubishi's wares.

The deal will see Mitsubishi handle the development and production of an all new Proton-branded vehicle. In addition, Proton will also have the rights to build a new Mitsubishi-based vehicle to add to its own lineup: think Proton badged Lancer or Colt variant.


The move is aimed at expanding Proton's limited product range while keeping costs down and improving quality to more competitive levels. For Mitsubishi it will mean more products sold and potential access to the all new model should it prove successful.

With the credit crisis hitting manufacturers hard, cost-sharing measures such as this could prove to be a lifeline. Don't expect a Proton badged Evoultion X anytime soon, though we wouldn't mind seeing another stove-hot Satria GTi.

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