Steane Klose | Dec 5, 2008

Having recently revealed the Karma's production form rear-end and flank, Fisker has now provided a photo of the front end (and here we were thinking Fisker might want to save something for Detroit). That gaping maw is still there, albeit with a few revisions, but it does seem to work a touch better in the silver hue displayed.

The 195kW four-cylinder turbo-charged Ecotec engine beneath the bonnet will have no trouble displacing exhaust gases and will do so in race car style thanks to the neatly integrated side exhaust outlets, sitting just behind the front wheels. It's doubtful the Karma will have the aural might associated with side-exit exhausts on race cars but the effect is impressive none-the-less.


Fisker has also presented an image showcasing the Karma's space frame aluminium chassis. That huge centre tunnel will likely house the lithium-ion batteries required to power its 22.6kWh electric motor.

Originally the Karma did little for us, but the more we see of the production vehicle the more we like. All that's left to check out now is the interior, which has been a closely-guarded secret. With Detroit only weeks away, the wait on the missing details is almost over.

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