Tony O'Kane | Nov 19, 2008

Earlier this month we presented you with the first look of BMW's new Lo Rider Concept, a radical (for BMW Motorrad, anyway) naked bike that fused mid-20th century design elements with modern mechanicals.

The Lo Rider was also designed to be a highly rider-customisable bike, and BMW has now let loose a bunch of new images demonstrating the naked concept's modification potential.


Components like the saddle, handlebars, headlights and exhaust are easily swapped over, and the positioning of the saddle, footpegs and handlebars can also be fine-tuned to change the riding position. Fancy a long-distance cruiser? Put the pegs low and forward and bring the 'bars back. Prefer a sportier ride? Just get them peg's up high and keep the handlebars at the front.

Fuel tank covers, fairings and heat shields are also easily removed, repainted or replaced and owners would presumably have a ball imparting their own unique style on the Lo Rider. Well, they would if BMW hurried up and built the damn thing.

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