Steane Klose | Nov 13, 2008

Remember that undisguised mystery Ferrari that we brought you back in August? Well it turns out that initial reports were accurate and that this particular prancing horse was participating in Ferrari's coachbuilding program (named Portfolio) that allows customers to re-style and personalise their new steeds.

Dubbed the SP1( for Sport Prototype 1), the Fioravanti-designed Ferrari, which is based on an F430, was built for Japanese business executive and Ferrari collector Junichiro Hiramatsu. Entirely unique, Junichiro-san's Ferrari will make quite an addition to his collection - his SP1 is the first to complete the Portfolio program.

The Portfolio experience allows heavily cashed-up Ferrari enthusiasts to take either an Enzo, F430 or 612 (no word on if the California will join those ranks), and let their imaginations run wild. Working with some of the best Italian design houses available (including Fioravanti, Pininfarina and Zagato), customers will have the chance to personalise the look of their new vehicle on the provision that certain structural elements remain intact.

We're all for customising your ride, but do Ferrari owners really think they can do a better job of those sublime lines? Based on what we've seen of the SP1, Ferrari's designers aren't in danger of losing their jobs anytime soon.

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