Tony O'Kane | Nov 7, 2008

Aston Martin CEO Ulrich Bez has lifted the lid on the ultra-exclusive and ultra-expensive One-77 supercar, confirming specs and also mentioning that the vast majority of the limited 77-car production run is destined for markets outside of the UK and USA.

As is Aston's tradition, the One-77's gorgeous exterior will be hand-crafted from aluminium. However, a carbon-fibre tub replaces the extruded aluminium chassis used by other modern Astons like the DB9, DBS and V8 Vantage - a move which keeps the One-77's weight down to under 1500kg. At 4576mm long, 1223mm tall and 1990mm wide, the One-77 will be shorter than a DB9, lower than a Vantage, and wider than both.

A 7.0-litre variant of Aston Martin's 6.0-litre V12 beats beneath that long bonnet, with outputs hovering around the 522kW and 705Nm mark. Not only is it powerful, Bez says the engine will also be just as impressive to behold, saying that "It looks like art, like a watch where you can see all the parts”. Top speed has yet to be made public, but Bez says that a terminal velocity of over 320kph is "unavoidable".

Like all good supercars, the One-77's option list will be thicker than a phone book and limited only by the buyer's imagination. Bespoke seats and interior trim can be specified by the lucky few who can afford the One-77's £1.02 million pricetag and we've no doubt that Aston will paint yours hot pink if you slip them enough coin.

Pics of the interior have yet to be released, but the One-77 will apparently be gifted with an all-new dashboard design and instrument cluster, which will eventually trickle down to the DB9 and Vantage replacements.

Surprisingly, Aston Martin only expects to sell between four and five One-77's in the UK, with the USA being allocated no more than six cars. The rest will presumably be spread around the Middle East, Europe, Hong Kong and Japan. It would also be fair to say that more than a few will wind up in emerging markets in India, Russia and China. Will one ever make its way to Australia? We'll have to wait and see..


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