Audi TT-RS Details Leaked

Steane Klose | Nov 1, 2008

A leaked copy of a letter from Audi to its German dealerships has reportedly revealed information on the upcoming Audi TT-RS. While we're not able to confirm it all just yet, we couldn't resist passing on the juicy details to get those saliva glands working overtime.

A 2.5L five-cylinder TFSI engine generating over 250kWs and 450Nms is apparently in charge of motivation, which, when combined with a six-speed transmission, is expected to see the TT-RS sprint to 100km/h in around 4.5 seconds. The letter claims that the TT-RS will be one of the most fuel-efficient sports cars around, returning figures under 10 l/100kms, thanks to Audi's FSI direct-injection technology.

Numerous spy shots have been snapped of the TT-RS during testing, revealing features such as front air intakes, 18" aluminum wheels and a pair of twin oval-shaped exhaust tips.


In line with Audi's current model range, the cabin should include Alacantra leather seats with a black dashboard featuring aluminum and silver highlights. The RS Insignia will likely adorn the trim to further differentiate the model.

Available as either a coupe or roadster and expected in Q3 2009, the TT-RS will be the hottest TT to date. We can't wait to slip behind the wheel. No details on pricing just yet, but you can bet what's left of your diminishing super that it won't come cheap.

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