Mike Stevens | Oct 29, 2008

If one thing is clear about the Aston Martin One-77, it is that the car must have been lobbed down to us in a shipping container from the future, as something of an olive branch. It could only be the future’s way of saying “relax, guys, we’re not passengers in self-driving upright eggs powered by cow farts just yet”.

We’ve told you more than a little about the One-77, but now four more images of the Aston’s futuristic supermonster have made their way online. Perhaps we're starting to see something of Aston Martin’s future design 'language' in its delectable lines.

Holding true to the theme of its heritage, the One-77 takes everything 'Aston Martin' and, rather than turn it on its head, treats it with a respectful eye to the past.


The One-77’s profile is everything one would expect from an Aston Martin, with the long bonnet, rear-set canopy, and long raking window. A prominent gill forms the main feature of the front quarter panel and most of the door, with only a single strong character line flowing along above it, out into the well-known and loved Aston haunches.


While the view from the rear is strongly defined by highly-stylised versions of the DB9’s tail lights, merging together in the centre, the supermodel styling is countered by the very purposeful, all-business diffuser at the bottom of the rear bumper. You’ll also notice the absense of a panel join to indicate where the rear bumper panel ends and the rest of the body begins.


Out front, the 'face' is dominated by Aston Martin’s signature grille, flanked by a menacing pair of intakes leading up into and forming part of the blacked-out headlights. Two very deliberate and aggressive strakes drive up into the heart of the bonnet, along with two either side along the front quarter panels, ending in a set of vents before the windscreen.

It’s as though Aston Martin’s designers were told, “Alright, you’ve been designing cars that we could be sure would fit the Aston Martin theme. Now you’re off the leash. Do what you will”. And they’ve done the badge proud, we reckon.


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